The Girl Behind The Lens

Hello! Thank you for stopping by to check out what hattieannphotography has to offer. As a photographer I believe in capturing the individual in front of the camera, with that comes a vulnerability to show your true self, which I know is not always easy. Heck, I am the most awkward person in front of the camera, doesn't make sense, does it?! I know what it is like, so I strive to make you feel comfortable enough to be yourself, whether that is to show off your goofy or fun side, or perhaps you are a little more serious. These images taken tell a story, a story that will live on for years to come, with these images you are able to look back and feel what you were feeling in that moment, remember the smells of that freshly cut grass, and vividly see the virbant fall colors of the leaves all over again. Photos are a way to tranpsort you, a time machine if you will so it is my pleasure to be the one in that moment with you capturing all that will live on for years to come as you peek back at that moment in time. I feel it is my turn to become a little vulnerable and give you a peek into who I am  - that is only fair, right? 

Ten Things You Didn't Know...

1 . i am 25 years young  

2. I cry at every wedding I photograph - even if I don't know the couple that well. I have always loved weddings and what they represent. Perhaps it's the romantic that lives in me. So be prepared...don't worry I still get the job done even with a few tears as the first look happens or first dances. 

3.I am not afraid to make a fool of myself for a genuine smile. Peek-a-boo, tickles, dances, you name it...! 

4. I love to travel. 

5. I take my role as Auntie very seriously. 

6. I smile behind the lens the entire time during a photo shoot. I can't help it. I will without a doubt have

the worst crow's feet and smile lines when I am older and I couldn't be happier. which gets me to fun fact #7...

7. I admire wrinkles. They are beautiful to me. Each one is a memory, or represents a struggle in one's life that they overcame. To me they indicate a life that was nothing short of lived. Who would want to erase that?

8. My worst fear isn't death, it is that I won't live. A fear that ignites a fire in me to live my life fully and with deep passion. A fear that I never want to fade.

9. I cry tears of happiness for contestants on AGT, for example. Can't help it. It truly makes me happy to see others succeed and fight for their dreams. Inspire others and be inspired. 


I double as a fashion designer as well as a photographer.

Who said dreams are limited to a single number....and I

have a million and one more. I have moments almost on

the daily where I feel as though someone needs to pinch me

as this can't be real life and then think...heck I am just

"going to keep swimming"  this endless sea of possibilities...

that's all for now...I can't wait to meet you! 

xoxo, hattie 

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